Meet the people at theRising who work hard behind the scenes to make environmental coverage possible for our readers.

Steven Li

Steven Li is the Founder of Medius Ventures, the parent company of theRising.

Ari Kelo
Editor (Contributors)

Ari Kelo is a Writer and Copy Editor at theRising, primarily covering the politics of environmental sustainability. Feel free to send pitches to

Emily Dao

Emily Dao is a Writer at theRisingprimarily covering what businesses and celebrities are doing about climate change. You can pitch her stories at

Avery Maloto

Avery Maloto is a Staff Writer at theRising, primarily covering what brands around the world are doing to become more sustainable. You can pitch her stories at

Sonia John

Sonia is a reporter at theRising, where she primarily covers how businesses are reacting to the sustainability trend. You can pitch her at

Amanda O'Toole
Contributor (and Fund Manager at AXA)

Amanda is a Contributor at theRising and the fund manager of AXA's Global Thematics and Clean Economy fund.

Dr. Steven Amstrup

Dr. Steven C. Amstrup is a Contributor at theRising and the Chief Scientist for Polar Bears International. 

Swarnav Pujari

Swarnav Pujari is the Founder of TouchLight Innovations, a company that helps homeowners and commercial property owners achieve a $0 electricity bill by leveraging proprietary energy automation tools, and an Energy Contributor at theRising. He brings deep industry experience in the Energy, Real Estate, and Hard Tech world with skills in product development and business strategy.

Rich Bowden
Rich is Contributing Writer at The Rising and an Australian-based freelance writer and podcaster with interests in regenerative and organic methods, permaculture, natural foods, and alternative energy.
Chris Chen

Chris is the Co-Founder of Clean My Planet, a grassroots initiative based in St. Louis, Missouri, and a Contributor at theRising, where he writes about environmental issues through an international lens.