Geothermal startup Quaise says its work has the potential to ‘power our civilization for millennia’ — raises $6 million seed round from Vinod Khosla, The Engine, and Collaborative Fund

You might have vaguely heard of geothermal energy, often considered the Earth's most abundant clean energy source. But beyond that,…

June 8, 2020

Clean Energy Trust adds two new cleantech companies to its portfolio, investing $100,000 in each

During the Covid-19 pandemic, cleantech companies have not had it easy. The energy sector has been losing hundreds of thousands…

June 1, 2020

Why Venture Capital And Government Partnerships Are A Make-or-Break For Cleantech

America has always been reliant on fossil fuels, with over 80% of its energy obtained from oil, coal, and gas.…

June 4, 2019

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