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Are you looking to become a contributor at theRising? If so, feel free to read on, as we’ve provided what we believe is a good resource to read over before submitting a pitch.

Our staff primarily covers environmental news, taking deep dives into how changes in the environment impact business, technology, and politics. Outside of news, however, we do often accept contributed content from industry professionals like yourself who can provide deeper insights into topics that may not be conventionally available.

Due to the large volume of submissions we receive, we are unfortunately unable to respond to everything submission we receive.

What We’re Looking For

As content writers ourselves, we understand that quality content takes a lot of time to write, so we want to lay out our guidelines to give you some insight into how we review submissions of contributed content.

Editorial Direction and Guidelines

Our general belief at theRising is quality over quantity every single time. We don’t publish nearly as often as our competitors and will always be that way.

So although we can’t say that we have our bases covered on news, that is not our intent. And so when we think about receiving contributed content, we prefer commentary over news and always prefer when you have a unique take on a current event or trend.

We believe that the following areas are ripe for unique, hard-hitting commentary:

  • Brands — Calling brands out when they mess up and covering brands that are doing good for the environment. And tying those environmental news events into the direction that those industries are going.
  • Trends — If you’re an expert and know where an industry is going sustainability-wise, we’d love to hear from you

Please note that though we don’t ever publish just Q&As, if you can integrate an interview (particularly with someone of influence) well into a trends article we’re far more likely to accept your contributed article.

Word Count for Contributed Content

For contributed content, we’re looking for longer-form commentary than the typical environmental news we publish on our site. More specifically, this means 700-1000 words per article is our sweet spot, though we don’t mind contributed content being longer that than either.

How to Pitch theRising

Please send us an email at

This is what we would like in your email instead:

  1. Your full name with a link to your LinkedIn profile.
  2. A short bio.
  3. A Google Doc (containing your article) with citations where appropriate.

Expectations Upon Submission

We have our editorial staff review each submission on an individual basis but do not have currently have the resources to respond to every pitch. As a result, if your email has not been returned within a week it is safe to assume that we’re passing.

If we are interested in next steps, you will absolutely hear back from us within a number of days. If we decide to move forward with your article submission, we assume ownership of that content. Additionally, we reserve the right to edit it reasonably in a way our editorial team sees fit. We reserve the right to remove any media or links you’ve previously included and instead, add in our own. We currently do not compensate our contributors. If we decide to publish your submission, we expect you will not republish it anywhere else for three days. That includes on LinkedIn, your personal blog, or other publications.

Things to Avoid

For those looking to become a contributor to our platform, please refrain from sending us story outlines or press releases. Additionally, we do not publish contributed content that is overly promotional. We like it when our contributors include personal experiences but for the purpose delivering value rather than self-promotion.

By submitting an article, you agree that you have received no payment to mention any of the brands or figures.

If you are an investor in or family member of any of the brands in your article submission, you must disclose those relationships. In the case you are unsure whether you have to make a disclosure, this source does a great job of clarifying. If you are looking to become a contributor, it is critical we are on the same page about this.

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