The media has never had as important a role in covering changes in the environment as it does now. Implications of climate change are often far-reaching, seeping into business, technology, and politics. Fortunately, there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in this space and at theRising, we want to be at the forefront of sharing those stories with you.

And we want to be transparent as far as why we’re covering what we do at theRising, so we’re sharing a brief on why these topics are important to us, and more importantly, why they should be important to you.

Why We Cover Business At theRising

When corporations make a commitment to sustainability, it’s often pivotal to hold them accountable. There’s an interesting phenomenon going around; it’s called greenwashing, and it refers to when corporations attempt to sound greener than they really are in their press releases in a deliberate attempt to mislead customers, pundits, and the general public. Of course, some companies are doing a fantastic job of launching their own sustainability initiatives. We want to recognize the good and call out the bad.

We shouldn’t forget about entrepreneurs either. Like every other legacy/incumbent space, entrepreneurs pave the way for innovation and change. Specific to the idea of tackling climate change, entrepreneurs are going to play a huge role in pushing for reform. Initiatives like Tesla paved the way for electric vehicles starting with just a vision 15 years ago. On a smaller scale, there are possibly hundreds of companies tackling various aspects of the climate change problem. We want to bring those stories to light.

So that’s why we’re covering business at theRising.

Why We Cover Technology At theRising

With technology seemingly disrupting every possible industry, climate change is no exception. Climate change isn’t often thought of as a computational problem, but part of it inevitably will involve a computational solution. Greentech and climate-tech are often interchangeable terms in the status quo, but these terms really weren’t even status quo at all just a few years ago. That should tell you how fast the space is growing. Geoengineering used to be seldom talked about; it’s now made the mainstream. Investors have taken notice. So have we.

Teens are leveraging technology to make a difference, cleaning up ocean pollution. Other entrepreneurs have been involved in the space for years, leveraging technology to make a difference. These stories are often difficult to pick up, but we want to think of ourselves as what Techcrunch used to be: the ones to pick up stories of companies before they become huge.

That’s why we’re interested in technology at theRising: because it’s going to change the way we look at tackling climate change.

Why We Cover Politics At theRising

Climate policy didn’t get the time of day in literally any other election. Times are different now. In the 2020 elections, literally every major candidate, both Democrat and Republican, have policy proposals for climate. But it’s not all smooth sailing from there.

The EPA is still rolling back environmental regulations at a blistering rate. This is just one of the many instances in which policy and government and impact the environment in a very real way. Regular people like you and me are far-disconnected from what the government does. But what it passes directly impacts us. So we should care.

That’s why we’re covering politics at theRising.

How You Can Help

At theRising, we want to break the barrier between media and readers and believe that everyone can make a difference. Writers shouldn’t be the only ones who have the platform to share their ideas. We think that every expert should be able to share their expertise with those who can benefit from it.

With that said, our editorial staff accepts contributed content from greentech founders, sustainability leaders, political leaders, and more. (Here are our editorial guidelines for contributed content.) And by having that diversity of ideas, we hope to leverage them to urge those in power to take a stand.