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Investing In Clean Technology: Key Growth Areas To Watch In 2020

Investing In Clean Technology: Key Growth Areas To Watch In 2020

Amanda O'Toole
  • Amanda O'Toole is a portfolio manager at AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM), where she focuses on the Global Thematics and Clean Economy themes.
  • She believes that there are clear incentives for companies and investors to pay closer attention to cleantech.
  • Her fund's portfolio is bullish on four key areas — learn more about what they are and why she thinks so.

The start of 2020 brings optimism for those participating in the transition to a more environmentally sustainable economy. For example, just last month, Malaysia returned 150 containers of plastic waste – or more than 3,700 metric tons – illegally exported from Europe and North America, forcing us to reflect on how we might approach this waste.

On the consumptio…

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Evolving Our View of Clean Technology

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