Airbnb Launches New Sustainability Program To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint
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Airbnb Launches New Sustainability Program To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

Airbnb Launches New Sustainability Program To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

Though Airbnb already serves over 150 million users around the world, the company isn’t finished growing its influence. Now, Airbnb wants to take its carbon footprint into its own hands — starting at the grassroots level. It wants to keep traveling fun and affordable, but not at the cost of environmental sustainability.

To accomplish this mission, Airbnb has just launched an educational hub for its members to learn how to reduce their ecological footprints. Through the initiative, Airbnb hopes to decrease net food waste and improve energy efficiency.

Why is Airbnb Focusing on Sustainability?

With millions of customers each year, Airbnb’s rentable apartments offer a cheaper alternative to hotels.

It’s no surprise that customers today have the well-being of the environment on their minds when shopping for products. A recent study found that 63% of American consumers are hopeful that businesses drive for environmental change. It is therefore in the greatest interest of businesses to adopt a sustainable approach to production.

Airbnb has been paying attention to the changing mentality of consumers. In an announcement on its website, Airbnb claimed that “serving [their] consumers is the best way to build a highly valuable business.”

They further stated that “it is the right thing to do for society.” On top of that, Airbnb is also focusing on collecting data regarding its carbon footprint as a company.

With data on both the company’s corporate operations and travel facilitated by the platform, Airbnb hopes to create a new standard for sustainable travel. This shift in activism is in-line with the increasing trend of eco-hosting.

How Will an Educational Platform Help?

Airbnb launched its educational platform with a “Meet the Experts” event in Edinburgh. At this event, hosts were able to learn about sustainability and efficient energy usage.

Big Clean Switch, OLIO, and Green Tourism were among the trusted organizations present at the event. Beginning as a response to the massive number of members demanding to learn about eco-friendly hosting, the event allowed Airbnb to think bigger.

The Airbnb sustainability initiative will also provide videos and articles for viewers to find online. This content will push for hosts and guests alike to make small changes that can add up to a large impact.

Likewise, the company is working on a more finalized guide to “eco-hosting.” Airbnb is focused on pushing this guide as most of its guests choose the company because they value environmental sustainability. The guide and videos will advise homeowners and guests on how to live more sustainable lifestyles.

For both hosts and consumers, the company hopes to make a change and a push for climate activism. Apart from encouraging hosts and consumers to reduce their wasted food and pollution, Airbnb is also encouraging consumers to use energy more efficiently.

How Airbnb Will Move Forward

Airbnb has launched an online service dedicated to environmental education. Photo Credit: Airbnb.

Airbnb’s announcement is part of a larger trend in the hospitality and tourism industry. A variety of other companies have made similar initiatives. From educating customers to advocating for more sustainable business models, environmental initiatives are taking the lead. Companies from Accor to Lonely Planet have also made promises to reduce carbon emissions.

Accordingly, competition between businesses for marketable sustainability is rising. If companies like Airbnb want to maintain its consumers, they’ll have to strengthen its platform for sustainability.

As more consumers become environmentally educated, companies will have to cater to those consumers. Right now, Airbnb is pushing to educate its consumers and members on the issues of widespread carbon emissions.

If Airbnb can successfully create a new standard for sustainable travel, it may even become the go-to sustainable business model.

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