Renewable Energy Will Power 100 Percent Of This Beverage Giant's Operations
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Renewable Energy Will Power 100 Percent Of This Beverage Giant’s Operations

Renewable Energy Will Power 100 Percent Of This Beverage Giant’s Operations

Lion Australia doubles down on renewable energy

Australian beverage giant Lion has just made a commitment to power all of its operations with renewable energy by 2025. The announcement is the latest in the unveiling of Lion’s eco-friendly strategy after saying in November it would become Australia’s first large-scale carbon-neutral brewer in 2020.

Recently, Lion CEO Stuart Irvine outlined the effort Lion was making to reduce its carbon footprint. He told the public that “Lion is now proudly pulling every carbon abatement lever available.”

More specifically, the company has plans to source all of its electricity from renewable sources. Additionally, it looks to also offset its remaining organization footprint so that Lion is carbon-neutral.

The Move Is a Powerful Signal For Renewable Energy

Public reaction to the Lion’s November carbon-neutral statement had been overwhelmingly good. So far, it has been successful in sending a positive pro-environment message to everyone from consumers to Lion’s suppliers and staff to the wider public. 

Irvine said the company was now looking to ramp up its strategy to combat climate change. He shared that Lion would take its commitment to climate action to the next level. It will start with some smaller steps in 2020.

Later next year, Lion can be held accountable to “resetting [its] emissions to neutral — and maintaining them at that level.”

Further, the goal is for Lion to send a powerful message to people and the rest of the supply chain.

Through the initiative, Lion hopes to deepen everyone’s collective sense of responsibility to not damaging the environment. At the same time, the company hopes to stay focused on reducing its emissions at offices and manufacturing sites.

Lion Will Work With Carbon Offset Companies To Offset Its Remaining Emissions

CEO Stuart Irvine said the company recognized the urgency of the climate emergency. And to offset the remaining emissions, Lion would team up with specialist offset companies.

These offset companies would help Lion create a “portfolio of verified projects focusing on bush regeneration and conservation projects.”

Pursuing these projects will allow the company to play an active role in cutting carbon emissions. Additionally, it will be influential in protecting vital habitat and food sources.

So far, Lion has committed to making its operations run from renewables for its operations. The project goes further as over 300 Lion-owned pubs across New South Wales and the ACT will also be powered by renewable energy. 

A Look Forward To Australia’s Renewable Energy Ecosystem

The Australian Hotels Association and Tourism Accommodation Australia will purchase renewable energy from Simply Energy, the retailer subsidiary of power corporation Engie.

The first large brewer to commit to 100 percent renewable energy, Lion’s focus on long-term, sustainable growth is part of a ten-year strategy to extend its leadership in the brewery sector. 

Lion’s proactive sustainability role should encourage others in the sector to support a renewable energy future in the country.

Who will be next?

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