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Elon Musk Announces The Tesla Cybertruck: What We Know So Far

Elon Musk Announces The Tesla Cybertruck: What We Know So Far

Just yesterday, Elon Musk announced the new Tesla Cybertruck. And it has already gotten quite a bit of attention. Beginning production in 2021, having a starting price of just over $39,000, being able to go 500 miles on a single full charge, and having an entirely different design compared to all other Tesla vehicles, the truck is a beast of its own.

What To Expect From The Tesla Cybertruck

In Tesla’s marketing materials, it describes the Cybertruck as one that “has better utility than a truck with more performance than a sports car”.

It has a robust exoskeleton, which the company has designed to optimize for the truck’s durability. On the exterior of the Tesla Cybertruck, the company has chosen to leverage stainless steel to protest against dents.

The exterior of the Tesla Cybertruck.
The exterior of the Tesla Cybertruck. Image Credit: Tesla

The truck also has a 3,500-pound payload capacity and can tow a whopping 14,000 pounds, according to Tesla.

Even still, the truck can go from zero to 60 miles-per-hour is just 2.9 seconds.

Towing Capacity
The Cybertruck can tow over 14,000 pounds. Image Credit: Tesla

It, like other models, also comes with a premium option to include software for self-driving capabilities.

Competition And Implications

But the market won’t be easy to take. So far, the Rivian R1T and the (EV) Ford F Series have projections to both beat Tesla to market. Though in comparison, the R1T goes for about $30,000 more than the Tesla Cybertruck.

And on the other hand, the Ford F Series starts at a price point about $10,000 lower than the pickup truck; currently, it is still gas-powered. And like Elon has said in the past, the Cybertruck indeed has the F-Series beat.

Considering the current Cybertruck prototype, some experts believe consumers will favor Rivian or Ford due to their less polarizing designs. Here’s what they look like:

Rivian's R1T
Rivian’s R1T
Ford's F-Series
Ford’s F-Series

But considering its incredible specs, especially at its price point, the Tesla Cybertruck will be a force to be reckoned with. Rivian projects to launch its R1T by the end of 2020, reaching the market before Tesla by just a few months.

The race is on.

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