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Adani’s Contractors Are Rising Up Against The Company’s Carmichael Coal Mine Project

Adani’s Contractors Are Rising Up Against The Company’s Carmichael Coal Mine Project

Carmichael Coal Mine Protests

Ever since Adani, one of India’s largest power businesses, announced its thoughts to work on a new mega-mine (denoted the Carmichael Coal Mine), critics have examined what the implications could be.

First and foremost, the Carmichael Coal Mine would later be on the lands of ancestral people, stripping them of what they knew to be home for years. Next, an advocacy group, #StopAdani, reports that having the coal mine built would result in allowing “500 more coal ships to travel through the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area every year for 60 years.” And if that’s not enough, the Carmichael Coal Mine would also result in a whopping 4.6 billion tons of carbon pollution being added to our atmosphere.

Adani is permitted to build in spite of harming the environment

The Carmichael Coal Mine was once just a proposal. But just a few months ago, The Queensland government gave Adani the green light to start building. The decision has evoked a state of shock among many. Critics are continuing to ask questions that would clarify why the Queensland government would put the environment on the back-burner. Why is it that profit comes before the environment? At what point is enough, enough?

Though it looks like critics aren’t the only ones to rebuke Adani’s efforts to continue with the Carmichael Coal Mine. It’s also the people who work for the company: contractors who work for engineering company GHD, which leverages its talent pool to help Adani.

And now that the proposed thermal coal mine in central Queensland has been approved, Adani is now partnering with contractors (including GHD) to help build the mine and rail link. To that end, the pressing question for many of GHD contractors is: “Why us?”

Over half of GHD’s staff upset about company’s involvement in Carmichael Coal Mine

Market Forces, a sustainability advocacy group that pushes businesses to reduce their carbon footprints, recently tweeted out the results of a survey they had run with GHD staff:

Some of these findings include:

“70% [of staff] say GHD is risking its ethical business credentials by working on the Adani Carmichael.”

“62% say GHD should stop working on projects that expand the thermal coal sector.”

GHD’s business integrity called into question by its employees

The advocacy group also collected quotes from GHD staff and published them on its social media accounts.

One employee said: “This project is a blight on GHD. It contravenes GHD’s sustainability policy and core value of integrity. It makes me ashamed to work for GHD.”

Another commented: “I previously didn’t know about the Adani controversy. Having found out about it and the company’s involvement quite frankly I’m ashamed, embarrassed, and extremely disappointed, not least for the fact that the company are being so stubborn in listening to the public and its staff.”

Market Forces comments on the Carmichael Coal Mine project

Market Forces campaigner Pablo Brait said the group opposes the Adani Coal Mine project. Additionally, the group is actively campaigning to have businesses cut ties with the mega-mine.

“We don’t think any company that sees itself as a forward-thinking or ethical company should be going anywhere near the Adani Carmichael project,” Brait said to the ABC.

Protesters look to get GHD to take action against the Carmichael coal mine project

The leaking of staff discontent comes as protesters across Australia targeted GHD for its involvement with the controversial coal mine. More than a dozen GHD offices throughout the nation saw protests last week, some of which led to arrests.

Anti-mine advocacy group #StopAdani said the survey and leaked emails are evidence of progress for the Adani protests. However, GHD management has vowed to continue their association with Adani to help build their mine and rail.

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  • Your correspondent appears to have missed the 75% downsizing of the Carmichael Project and the dismissal of all native title claims by a ‘group’ that was manufactured and funded by the US-financed Sunrise Project. Your correspondent would be well advised to start researching facts rather than regurgitating propaganda from opponents.

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