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MrBeast Teams Up With Elon Musk And Other Influencers To Plant 20 Million Trees

MrBeast Teams Up With Elon Musk And Other Influencers To Plant 20 Million Trees

MrBeast organizes a movement to plant 20 million trees

On October 25, 2019, Internet-sensation MrBeast impressed environmental activists on all platforms. Jimmy Donaldson, otherwise known by his online alias MrBeast, is a Youtube Influencer with over 25.3 million subscribers. He is widely known as the individual responsible for popular outrages, and expensive, challenges. Now, he’s looking to work with influencers and other donors to plant trees. But not just any number of trees: 20 million of them.

In the past, MrBeast has minted Youtube hits including “Spending 24 Hours Straight Under Water Challenge” and “Anything You Can Carry, I’ll Pay For Challenge.” But now, MrBeast seems to be taking a break from his usual video content. Instead, he appears to be taking a large stride in a newer, but greener, direction. Taking on what he calls his “Biggest Project Ever,” MrBeast announced that he is trying to plant 20,000,000 million trees by 2020.

The Video

Fans all over the world spammed MrBeast on any social media platform they could utilize in order to get one message to him: “Plant 25 million trees or I’ll kick you NO JOKE”. In response to the surge of comments, the YouTuber decided that the only proper reaction was to make it happen. 

At the beginning of his video reveal of the project, MrBeast stands in the middle of an open, grassy field with a handful of his friends.

Taking a comedic spin on the matter, he takes the audience through brief instructions on how to plant a tree:

First, dig a hole.

Second, put the tree in the hold.

Third, cover the base of the tree in mulch.

Next, water the tree.

And lastly, repeat a total of 20 million times.

Although a simple guide to the process, MrBeast quickly encountered a flaw in his plan. Although he had the determination, the team lacked the manpower to physically accomplish his goal. However, fans immediately decided to help the internet icon once they heard.

The following day, what looks like hundreds of fans gathered in the field. All joining in on the project, some individuals contributed hours of hard work to the green goal. Remarkably, one girl even managed to dig 473 holes for newly planted trees. 

Unfortunately, despite all the help, the team still was unable to finish the project by themselves.

Teaming Up To Make #TeamTrees

In order to finish his project, MrBeast devised a plan in order to reach the community’s goal of planting 20 million trees. As an alternative, the Youtuber teamed up with the largest non-profit, tree-planting organization, Arbor Day Foundation.

By creating a fundraiser, the two created a #TeamTree. #TeamTrees is a platform that ensures that for every $1 raised by the public, 1 tree will be planted. According to the website, all donations are going directly to the Arbor Day Foundation. Currently, over 6 million trees were planted as a result of the fundraiser.

MrBeast personally donated $100,000 to plant 100,000 trees.

#TeamTrees Impact

Concluding his video, MrBeast makes a powerful statement noting that “we only have one Earth, and it’s important we take care of it.” He continues his video with photographs of wildfires as the background, “Recently, lots of not-so-great things have been happening to forests and people just keep making fun of our generation for retweet activism and not actually doing something.”

Since the beginning stages of this project, many are taking notice of MrBeast’s activism. Not only is the public continuing to donate to the cause, but many top YouTubers are as well. The likes of Mark Rober, Jeffree Star, and Simply Nailogical have contributed to #TeamTrees. Additionally, Tesla CEO Elon Musk donated $1 million to the cause.


To some, MrBeast’s video may just seem like a regular YouTube video. However, his work is serving a platform for everyone to contribute to climate reform. In three days, #TeamTrees managed to raised enough money to plant over 6 million trees. At the time of this writing, it has raised enough to plant over 11 million trees.

With donations continuing to flow in, these numbers continue to rise. Hopefully, many more will follow in MrBeast’s footsteps. If the public is lucky, perhaps another YouTuber will tackle another large eco-friendly challenge.

To donate to #TeamTrees, go to

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  • Taking action to incite real change with real results! Inspiring. This is the type of action and professionalism that merits a “Person of the Year” nomination…just saying…

  • What you are doing is very inspiring….. I would like to also mention another cause that really needs attention right now- Kiska is an Orca Whale being held at Marineland, Canada- she has been there since first captured in 1979- all 5 of her babies died and now she is the only whale still in captivity, living in a pool ….by herself! If anyone connected to Mr Beast aka Jimmy Donaldson, Elon Musk or reporters can help bring awareness to these beautiful beings ‘whales,’ dolphins, and other ocean beings- who are in captivity, being abused daily..please stop the abuse and help them escape this horrific existence-free them to people who are building whale sanctuary for captive whales who rehabilitate them into the wild and their families again. trailer for movie Blackfish.

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