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Fact check: Actress Jane Fonda makes false climate science claim

Fact check: Actress Jane Fonda makes false climate science claim

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Jane Fonda

Last week, Academy Award-winning actress Jane Fonda participated in a climate protest at the U.S. Capitol building and was arrested after refusing to leave. Shortly after, she appeared on ABC’s The Briefing and said she’s “been a climate scientist for decades.” After some digging, we’ve reached a conclusion that though the actress has been passionate about climate change for a long time, she has not actually been a climate scientist for decades (or at all).

Jane Fonda’s educational history

Fonda attended Vassar College, though she never graduated, according to The Crimson. We couldn’t find any records of her doing any additional schooling.

Jane Fonda has an environment activism background

Bach to 2015, Fonda has opposed the Arctic drilling that the Obama administration supported, and participated in the “March for Jobs, Justice, and Climate,” which was held in Toronto. Additionally, Fonda has opposed oil developments alongside Greenpeace, as well as criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his actions pertaining to meeting Canada’s end of the Paris Agreement.

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The Verdict: False

Though actress Jane Fonda has a history of being involved in environmental activism, we could not find evidence to support the claim that she has been a “climate scientist for decades.” As a result, we rule Jane Fonda’s claim false.

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