Mercedes-Benz tweets about global warming...and plays itself
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Mercedes-Benz tweets about global warming…and plays itself

Mercedes-Benz tweets about global warming…and plays itself

Most brands want to be on the right side of sustainability. From announcing plans to become carbon-neutral to making a shift to renewable energy, brands are always on the lookout when it comes to being more environmentally-friendly, at least in the public eye. But as it comes to a tweet from the Mercedes-Benz Twitter account yesterday, it looks like the company is an outlier here.

The geniuses managing the brand’s social media account aren’t even trying to make the brand sound more environmentally-friendly. Oh, quite the contrary. Apparently, making it clear that your new products are contributing to global warming is the new cool.

The tweet had people talking…and they weren’t happy. Some customers even expressed that they would never buy from Mercedes-Benz going forward.

And Mike isn’t alone:

Another user conflated the tweet with something that would appear in the satire site, The Onion.

Thousands were talking about the tweet, and once it got out of hand, Mercedes-Benz released an apology.

But rightfully so, customers are calling bluff.

One user, Bjorn, urged the company to hurry up.

Others urged the brand to show, not tell.

So, with the kerfuffle settled, will Mercedes-Benz actually take action? It already has promises to become a more sustainable company, but will it follow through? Only time will tell.

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