Miley Cyrus Should Stop Flying Private If She Really Wants To Save The Environment
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Miley Cyrus Should Stop Flying Private If She Really Wants To Save The Environment

Miley Cyrus Should Stop Flying Private If She Really Wants To Save The Environment

When it comes to celebrities, few have been as passionate and vocal about climate change as Miley Cyrus. From expletive-filled speeches to not wanting kids until the climate crisis is resolved, Miley undoubtedly cares about the environment. But is she all talk?

Miley is Furious About the State of the Planet

Miley has previously stated that “we just take and take and expect [the planet] to keep producing…it’s exhausted. It can’t produce.” She also added that she doesn’t want to reproduce because she doesn’t think that the earth can handle it. On the other hand, her actions don’t seem to match her words. 

During her show at Denmark’s Tinderbox music festival, she also made comments on the current state of the Earth. She began her speech saying “the youth, this generation, we are the last f—ing hope on this dying f—cking planet. It is begging you to f—ing go clean up the motherf—ing ocean…there’s no planet B, so don’t f— it up!”

But how does flying private play into this all? That is, if Miley cares so much about the environment, why doesn’t she opt to fly commercial?

Private Jets Are Significant Emitters. Miley Cyrus is a Part of the Problem.

Environmental activist Greta Thunberg underscored the idea that flying emits significant amounts of carbon dioxide. To do so, she took a train to Davos instead of flying. In doing this, she indirectly pointed out the impact that celebrities have on the environment, considering they fly both often and private.

Flying is a known environmental polluter. One flight from the East Coast to the West Coast produces at least one metric ton of carbon dioxide. When this amount of carbon dioxide is produced for the travel of just one person, the environmental impact is much worse.  According to Arunima Malik, a researcher at the University of Sydney in Australia, “about eight percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are from traveling,” with air travel contributing 1 gigaton of carbon dioxide to the Earth’s atmosphere annually.

Although flying, in general, is not environmentally friendly, the more individuals on the plane, the more energy-efficient. But Miley often travels on her private jet.

Emissions Estimates for Miley’s Private Flights

Though it’s unclear whether Miley still flies private, as she did in 2013-2014, her environmental impact when she did was huge. As it relates to her 2014 Bangerz Tour The Rising counted 30 legs where flights would be time-efficient for Miley. Based on this metric, she could have produced as much as 30 metric tons of carbon dioxide flying private.

To put it into perspective, individuals typically emit 5 tons of carbon dioxide in an entire year. By these statistics, Miley could have emitted as much as 6 times the average person in just eight months. 

Miley has mentioned that she believes that we need to treat the planet better, with the IPCC report highlighting the importance of slowing climate change. She told Elle that she would not have children until we resolve the climate issue. But at the same time, her environmental impact isn’t scot-free either. Hopefully, she has realized the environmental impact of flying private and has changed her traveling patterns. And altogether, celebrities need to at least consider stop flying private to save the environment.

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