The Trump Campaign Is Selling (Expensive) Plastic Straws. Who's Buying Them?
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The Trump Campaign Is Selling (Expensive) Plastic Straws. Who’s Buying Them?

The Trump Campaign Is Selling (Expensive) Plastic Straws. Who’s Buying Them?

Though nothing Trump does is surprising these days, nobody could’ve ever anticipated he’d start selling plastic straws. After all, he’s already raised over $105 million for his reelection campaign — he’s in no shortage of money. Turns out, he’s poking fun at those on the left who are pushing for paper straws. The President makes his thoughts clear on his campaign website: “Liberal paper straws don’t work.”

Okay, fair enough. You might not like paper straws. Neither does Quartz reporter Corrine Purtill, clearly, who equates using a plastic straw to “transporting rice in a fishing net.” Regardless of what irks you about paper straws, whether it be that you don’t care about the environment, aren’t liberal, don’t like paper (?) — whatever it may be — why would you buy 10 plastic straws for $15 from Trump when you can buy hundreds of them for $5 basically anywhere else?

That begs the question: who’s buying Trump’s plastic straws? The comments section on his campaign manager’s tweet basically says it all.

One user, @pmbasse, reveals that she put three packs of the Trump straws in her online shopping cart, and that “all the cool kids are going to LOVE these straws!!” She also apparently owns the Trump-Pence 2020 red cups. Altogether, these items cost upwards of $50.

Another user (@Kukster88) seems to see tremendous value in the Trump straws too. He even says they’re a must-have!

And this one:

Apparently, user @nanof4knights ordered for the “kid’s.” I wonder how the “kid’s” are going to like them.

Though the comments section on Brad Parscale’s tweet isn’t representative of Trump supporters nationally, you have to admit it’s pretty entertaining. Actually, the fact that Trump even decided to sell plastic straws as a part of his campaign is pretty entertaining in and of itself.

Unfortunately, as LA moves away from plastic straws, its residents may not be able to enjoy the Trump-branded plastic straws. I guess that’s a shame.

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