How Has Tesla Been Keeping Up with Sustainability?
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How Has Tesla Been Keeping Up with Sustainability?

How Has Tesla Been Keeping Up with Sustainability?


Tesla has recently released its first-ever environmental impact report. The report highlights the positive changes the company has made towards sustainability. Tesla first delves into the product and operational impacts of their electric vehicles. Then, it discusses its supply chain and its responsible sourcing for materials.  

The Results

According to its product impact, Tesla has sold over 550,000 electric vehicles. That means, in aggregate, Tesla vehicles have driven nearly 10 billion miles. From these miles, Tesla claims that only 282,000 metric tons of CO2 have been emitted from its vehicles. This is an amazing figure, in perspective. For instance, traditional automakers like Ford have publicly stated millions of metric tons of CO2 have been released from their vehicles.

How Does Tesla Achieve Sustainability

Tesla always looks towards sustainable energy to power its facilities. They accomplish this by using solar energy systems and battery storages. But even still, Tesla has greater ambitions.

It announced, “As we continue to ramp production of Tesla products, we are committed to making significant progress towards…using 100% renewable energy.” Only time will tell what other feats Tesla will accomplish in the coming years.


Tesla is changing the way the auto industry works. Carbon emissions from cars seem to be a thing of the past with more and more electric vehicles. While Tesla spearheads the change from gasoline to electricity, other car manufacturers must also think of ways to get their own production lines to be greener.

It will be interesting to see what Tesla will do in the future in its push for sustainability.

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