Apple Works to Reduce Its Carbon Footprint
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Apple Works to Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

Apple Works to Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

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Apple exists as one of the world’s largest technological influencers. Through its wide array of consumer electronics, the company has successfully grasped onto the lifestyles of individuals across the world. In recent reports, it seems they are grasping onto the idea of clean energy as well.

A New Milestone Reached

This Thursday, Apple announced that 44 of its suppliers have pledged to continue the Apple production on 100 percent clean energy. Impressively, this news comes less than a month after the announcement that its global facilities are now powered with 100 percent clean energy.

Companies such as Foxconn, Wistron, Pegatron, TMSC, Corning, Amazon, and many more are banding together to improve the production quality of Apple. With this, the tech giant will exceed its goal of using 4 gigawatts of renewable energy into its manufacturing chain. Instead, the company continues to push well into 5 gigawatts by 2020.

The Impact of This Initiative

In the same announcement, Apple noted that it reduced its output carbon footprint for the third year in the row. With manufacturing creating 74 percent of the company’s carbon footprint, its Supplier Clean Energy Program strives to improve production tactics. Through this program, Apple is increasing energy efficiency and its utilization of renewable energy sources.

Apple’s Past Involvement

Apple’s groundbreaking initiatives towards clean energy come at no surprise.

Since 2013, Apple has publicly noted its recognition of climate change. As a result, the company has allocated time and resources towards the push to a greener world. With $2.5 billion allocated in green bonds, the operation has recently invested in environmental initiatives. For example, Apple funds solar power in Japan to water conservation in Oregon to smelting recycled aluminum worldwide. It is evident that the company’s work is improving lives across the globe.


Serving at the forefront of technology, Apple is influencing the future condition of our planet through production methods. The company’s mindset will soon become our reality.

Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Lisa Jackson, said: “We’ve made it a priority to hold our suppliers accountable to the same environmental standards we observe and hope that our collaboration will show others what is possible”.

Jackson’s statement sounds nothing but promising. While Apple’s work upholds to their promise towards progressing to a greener future, let’s hope that other companies follow their lead.

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