Audi Goes Green with New Electric Car Factory
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Audi Goes Green with New Electric Car Factory

Audi Goes Green with New Electric Car Factory

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Electric cars have been making headlines in positively helping the environment. However, critics often mention how producing these cars still require a lot of energy to manufacture, thereby increasing carbon emissions. Recently, companies such as Audi have taken an even greater leap by building green manufacturing factories for their electric cars.

What Is Audi Doing?

Audi recognized what the company had to do to in order to make manufacturing sustainable. In an interview with the plant’s director of production Patrick Danau, he remarked: “We need to reduce the energy we consume and seek other forms of energy for production”.

This is a daunting task as manufacturing electric vehicles requires tons of energy for their lithium and carbon fiber. However, Audi has resolved this problem by having a 37,000 meter squared photovoltaic power station, which are solar parks converting light to electricity. Audi also uses high-efficiency heat exchangers to effectively control the temperatures in different locations within the factory.

How is Audi helping the Environment?

With their photovoltaic power station, Audi saves up to 700 metric tons of carbon-dioxide emissions and reduces factory’s need for electricity by 95%. Their heat exchangers also save another 4,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually. This is vastly better than previous modes of manufacturing electric vehicles, where carbon emissions for such vehicles were a whopping 68% higher than their gasoline manufactured counterpart.


Audi plans to go zero-carbon in their production facilities by 2030. With Audi making this positive leap for the environment, other car manufacturing companies might follow suit. By continuing to make these advances in their manufacturing, Audi seems to have a dedication to sustainability.

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