Trump's Thoughts on The Green New Deal and Ocasio-Cortez
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Trump’s Thoughts on The Green New Deal and Ocasio-Cortez

Trump’s Thoughts on The Green New Deal and Ocasio-Cortez

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump pleaded with GOP to not shoot the Green New Deal down. Why? He thinks “if [the Democrats] beat me with the Green New Deal, I deserve to lose.”

Though Trump thinks the GND is a ridiculous idea, he appears to have an interesting opinion of Ocasio-Cortez. At the fundraising dinner for the National Republican Congressional Committee, Trump referred to Ocasio-Cortez as “a young bartender”, according to Politico. But despite AOC’s limited experience in Congress, even Trump can’t deny her quick rise to stardom.

AOC’s Green New Deal has been very controversial. Though it proposes a sustainability future for all Americans, its practicality is disputable. It has its supporters like 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. On the other side, it counts billionaire Mike Bloomberg as a strong skeptic.

Nonetheless, though, Trump is seemingly impressed with AOC’s quick rise to political stardom. Trump says “You have senators that are professionals…and they are standing behind her and they are shaking.” Clearly, he recognizes how fast Democrats have been to support AOC and her policy-proposals, including the Green New Deal, but doesn’t believe in it.

But that doesn’t mean that Trump doesn’t believe in making the environment a better place. Well, so his rhetoric suggests, anyway. He’s already starting to compile a list of “climate change wins” for 2020 to appeal to the environmentalist subsect of the electorate.

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